Beth and Dave met on June the 23rd, 2006 in the Yellow Pub.. on a hazy night out in Bangor, Beth out with her bezzy mate Liz, Dave with the windsurf crowd, Phil (brother), Ben Proffit and co... all looking sun kissed fresh from a Windsurf trip to Maui. Ben being the hero he is, brought the likely two together and sure enough they hit it off! . ..a few bottles of Sol later - Beth challenged Dave to a game of Squash! Despite Ben's unconventional coaching methods on how to beat Dave, Beth decided to play fair and slogged it out on court, Dave being the true gentleman beat her.. 5 - 0, Beth says that's a lie! apparently she won. This followed by a few more nights out and an awesome weekend at Wakestock, rocking out to the likes of Feeder and Automatic, sun blazing hot and a swim at the beach, before they knew it spending every available (non windy) minute together.

They found they had more in common than just squash, both into their sport and loved spending time at the beach, both had teachers as parents, both had an older brother called "Mike" who was married/engaged to lovely women called "Alyson", the only difference was that Dave's brother had a daughter called Safi whilst Beth's brother had a pet dog called Safi!

Dave managed to convince Beth to quit her Graphic Design job of 2 years, and go on a trip to South Africa over Christmas.. Beth, jumped at the chance and said yes! They have been back to South Africa every Christmas since, but their most memorable was Christmas number 4, when on the 23rd of December Dave took Beth to the top of Signal Hill, in Capetown to watch the sun set.. huddled up in a blanket, Beth noticing beads of sweat dripping off Dave's forehead started to wonder what was wrong?? Beth recalls he began to say the sweetest words then to her surprise pulled out a little black box, with a beautiful diamond ring staring back at her, the answer was YES! (we won't mention the first two words that came out of her mouth) Dave then pulled out a bottle of champagne from the car, which he cleverly hid earlier and had a toast to their future! Followed by a 3 course meal at Capetown's finest restaurant 'Aubergeine'.