Wedding Gifts

Once upon a time 
In a land where the lambs like to play
A boy called Dave, met a girl called Beth
And swept her far away.

He took her to South Africa
Up a very big hill
Asked her an important question
To which she replied "I will".

A date was set for October
To celebrate the big event
In a lovely town called Beaumaris
Inside a very big tent.

The wedding would go smoothly,
Lots of fun and games
With all their favourite faces
and all their favourite names

The big day would be costly
and leave their pockets bare
They wanted a trip to celebrate 
But couldn't afford the fare

So instead of all the traditional gifts
which they didn't want to accrue
They asked for a bit of funding
to make their trip come true

They did however have another wish
Which really made them happy
Simply peices of Artwork 
From the Janet Bell Gallery

The gifts weren't that important
to the happy couple
The presence of their friends and family on the day 
Was worth more than double 

please contact 'Janet Bell' to receive Beth and Dave's wedding gift list